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Our journey continues across the wide ocean pacific and winds deep through the jungles of Indochina finally resting at the foothills of the tallest mountain range on earth. Nestled between snow and meadow we find the ancient kingdom of Nepal, birthplace of Buddha and the foundations of eastern philosophy. Over wild hillside and within weathered brick courtyards moves an extraordinarily diverse people bearing ancient heritage that stretches north into the ice covered peaks of the Himalaya and south across the broad Indian plains. Scores of distinct native tribes and as many as 100 mother tongues find their home among these extreme topographies.

Cutting through vertical rock faces pushed 8,000 meters into the sky weave timeworn trade routes passing centuries-old stupas paying homage to old world religions still honored upon reddened stone shrines somewhere in bustling city streets far below. Beyond the reaches of Mustang and amidst these jagged peaks lies hidden an elusive mythological utopia, Shangri-La, and its long lost horizon across which a rainbow of prayer flags flicker and snap and a snow leopard silently disappears from sight.

This collection brings awareness to the devastation the Gorkha Earthquake brought upon Nepal and its cultural heritage.

Proceeds from this collection will support the Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust in aiding the Nepali people in their recovery back to a safe and sustainable lifestyle.

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